About SelectJet

SelectJet is a premium jet charter service providing safe, luxurious business and personal travel since 1989. SelectJet operates the Cessna CitationJet and is based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Safety is our highest priority. SelectJet has maintained a perfect safety record, having no accidents or incidents in our 25 years of operation.

SelectJet Captains are all 5000+ hour airline transport pilots. All Captains undergo annual full-motion simulator training at Flight Safety International. Flight Safety International is the gold standard of flight training and is used by many scheduled air carriers and the United States government. SelectJet First Officers are highly trained pilots who have passed FAA-approved check rides in the jets they are operating.

When you fly with SelectJet, you can take comfort knowing you are aboard an aircraft being operated at the highest level of safety.

Time is your most valuable asset!