SelectJet FAQs

    • What is the cost per hour for a SelectJet charter?
      SelectJet uses a charter quote formula that incorporates a per mile charge, a cost per landing as well as a daily rate. The most accurate way to determine the cost of any particular aircraft flight is to contact our dispatch office directly. We will swiftly respond to your request. The dispatch office can be reached toll-free at 866-327-2981 or via e-mail by sending your request to
    • Are there any bathrooms on board the aircraft?
      Yes, the CitationJet is equipped with a lavatory.
    • How many passengers can fly aboard your aircraft?
      Our CitationJet can carry five passengers comfortably. The lav seat located aft-cabin is also equipped with a seat belt and can be used as an additional seat if a sixth passenger is necessary.
    • How far do you fly?
      SelectJet operates throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Canada and Mexico. The CitationJet travels regularly to the west coast but requires a fuel stop midway (a nice chance to stretch your legs while the jet is refueled). SelectJet does not currently operate in the Caribbean.
    • Should I consider an aircraft lease instead of a charter?
      Not unless you’re qualified to run a flight department and willing to accept the associated risks. When you book a charter with SelectJet you’re dealing with an FAA-certificated and DOT-approved Air Carrier who is responsible for everything related to your travel. Pilot selection and training, airworthiness of the aircraft and compliance with FAA, DOT, TSA, IRS and other rules are our responsibility. Should an incident occur, SelectJet’s insurance is there to protect you from any claims that other passengers or people outside the aircraft may make. When you lease, you are the operator and all of these responsibilities and risks are entirely yours and your insurance company’s.